Sarah Sparkles and I had an enjoyable, in depth consultation to design my "One of a Kind Creation". She patiently waited for me to clarify my vision of what I needed in terms of stones, properties and aesthetic. Sarah even went to the extent of procuring the perfect heart centerpiece from another state to make the necklace what it was supposed to be. She even detailed the clasp with a heart and bow clasp to make my vision of attracting love complete.

When I started wearing my lovely Rose Quartz, Amethyst, and Aventurine, necklace that I had designed by Sarah simply felt magical to me. In fact my life ever since then went in a direction that I could have not imagined myself. Yes it could be the necklace. I like to see it as combining elements in a focused way to make big things happen. Her jewelry is imbibed with whatever feeling you choose to have to attract the very things you have always wanted.

Talk about faith based jewelry!!!! I simply adore her work. I have had 2 other necklaces made after this.