Sarah Sparkles is truly a perfectionist and very professional. When I bought my first pair of earrings and bracelet from Sarah, she helped me pick out the best stones that were well-suited to my personality and that would bring the right energy into my life. I was amazed at the exclusive collections and the various ways she can customize. She makes sure the bracelets are sized perfectly and I am comfortable with the fit. I like that she has a description of the stones on a decorative paper for each order. I had it shipped to Chicago and it was neatly packaged and came to my house right on time. I gave my mother a pair of the “Psychedelic Raindrop” earrings, and she was very impressed.

Every time I wear a piece of Sarah’s jewelry I receive compliments from customers, friends, coworkers, or family. I just recently bought a mother of pearl bracelet that she made for me exactly how I had preferred and it turned out perfect! I admire each piece that I have and their individual characteristics. I have five bracelets, five pairs of earrings, and a necklace made by Sarah Sparkles and I am interested in ordering more.

Everything about Sarah Sparkle’s jewelry is distinctive and beautiful. She is a very strong and inspiring person and this is demonstrated through her work and energy. I will never go back to generic mass produced jewelry because it bores me and it doesn’t have Sarah’s unique touch!