Sarah Sparkles is truly a perfectionist and very professional. When I bought my first pair of earrings and bracelet from Sarah, she helped me pick out the best stones that were well-suited to my personality and that would bring the right energy into my life. I was amazed at the exclusive collections and the various ways she can customize. She makes sure the bracelets are sized perfectly and I am comfortable with the fit. I like that she has a description of the stones on a decorative paper for each order. I had it shipped to Chicago and it was neatly packaged and came to my house right on time. I gave my mother a pair of the “Psychedelic Raindrop” earrings, and she was very impressed.

Every time I wear a piece of Sarah’s jewelry I receive compliments from customers, friends, coworkers, or family. I just recently bought a mother of pearl bracelet that she made for me exactly how I had preferred and it turned out perfect! I admire each piece that I have and their individual characteristics. I have five bracelets, five pairs of earrings, and a necklace made by Sarah Sparkles and I am interested in ordering more.

Everything about Sarah Sparkle’s jewelry is distinctive and beautiful. She is a very strong and inspiring person and this is demonstrated through her work and energy. I will never go back to generic mass produced jewelry because it bores me and it doesn’t have Sarah’s unique touch!




Sarah Sparkles jewelry isn't just a collection of stones and beads, rather its a story of the wearers life. Its a piece of history and a magical charm for the future, made with the love and care that only a personality of such depth and beauty can have. Sparkles is talented in many ways and her jewelry reflects those talents in each and every piece! One of a kind jewelry matches the wisdom of the stars with the roots of centered activism in a vessel of personalized beauty and creativity. Sarah Sparkles and her One of a Kind Creations rock my world!




I really love my “One of Kind Creations” rose quartz crystal necklace so much, it has become my signature jewelry piece. The rose quartz crystal, among its other qualities, has a love cultivating property. Sarah Sparkles weaves this beautiful and alluring stone with a design that is rare, delicate and simply beautiful. It’s an attractive piece that people always seem to inquire about and compliment everywhere I go. Sarah Sparkles culls inspiration for her multi-faceted designs from many sources. She is trained, inculcated and well-versed in gem stone properties and is able to vision and design a beautiful and unique piece of jewelry just for you. If you are looking to cultivate something special and beautiful in your life count on this dedicated, versatile and immensely talented designer.




Sarah Sparkles and I had an enjoyable, in depth consultation to design my "One of a Kind Creation". She patiently waited for me to clarify my vision of what I needed in terms of stones, properties and aesthetic. Sarah even went to the extent of procuring the perfect heart centerpiece from another state to make the necklace what it was supposed to be. She even detailed the clasp with a heart and bow clasp to make my vision of attracting love complete.

When I started wearing my lovely Rose Quartz, Amethyst, and Aventurine, necklace that I had designed by Sarah Sparkles...it simply felt magical to me. In fact my life ever since then went in a direction that I could have not imagined myself. Yes it could be the necklace. I like to see it as combining elements in a focused way to make big things happen. Her jewelry is imbibed with whatever feeling you choose to have to attract the very things you have always wanted.

Talk about faith based jewelry!!!! I simply adore her work. I have had 2 other necklaces made after this.




All of Miss Sparkle's creations are pure energy! I have purchased several items ranging from the popular "psychedelic raindrop" collection to custom designed pieces and love, wisdom and universal inspiration are apparent in every creation. I am happy to have found such passion and so are my family, friends and loved ones who thank her for all the wonderful jewelry.



Emily Elizabeth


With ubiquitous trends of cheap fashion jewelry flooding the streets and downtown boutiques of NYC and Brooklyn, it is refreshing that there remains an intimate market for designers creating pieces that are unique and quality, on a smaller scale. Sarah Sparkles has a vast understanding of her stonework craft, mixed with a passionate desire to yield necklaces and subsequent pieces for each individual person.

My “one of a kind creation” was a personal gift during a low point in my life~ the purple sandstone and hematite beads, centered with a magical sandstone heart, lifted my spirit and has always provided me with a pure sense of love within. It is the most beautiful piece of jewelry I own, and I treasure it dearly.

I have commissioned Sarah for my friends and family, together discussing their personalities, goals, desires and dreams. Her manifestations are revelations of understanding from her natural perception of the human spirit.

I encourage anyone interested in the powerful healing of stone jewelry to reach out, open your heart and feel the goddess love & strength within these beautiful conceptions.

~Emily Elizabeth

More Quotes:

"My daughter Kai gave me a beautiful bracelet made by Sarah. It is truly beautiful. You can tell that each stone and bead were picked with love. The colors are amazing. I love it." ~Pat Houtz

“Sarah is nothing but professional to work with - and she is full of sparkles. Everything she touches shines and glimmers like a delicious confection!”
~Karen Robinovitz, Founder of Purple Lab Cosmetics

"I love to wear my One of a Kind Creation jewelry. They make me feel like a goddess, and I can feel the love and time that goes into making them every time I put them on. I get tons of compliments on my One of a Kind Creations jewelry, and I know that it is because it is so unique!" ~Kai Altair

"I began wearing my Citrine and Tiger's Eye necklace and immediately had people beating down my door to pay me money they've owed for various ranges of time. NICE. Im accrediting the prosperity necklace. Thanks so much." ~Danielle